* Pre-selected party packs 8 inch

Select the number of teddies you want and we will send you a selection of those pictured from the items we currently have in stock. 

Add the pack to the basket to get a price.  The price in basket will alter depending on the number of teddies selected. 

If you want specific teddies then please order them individually.

Add t-shirts, pens if you like.

These packs contains:

  • stuffing bag for each kit
  • birth certificate for each kit
  • wishing heart for each kit
  • invitations can be requested at checkout and you will receive one for each bear kit ordered
  • Splodge Bear colour-in paper bag for each kit
  • party suggestions

These selection packs are not included in the items discount offer.


All our bear skins have the CE certification and meet worldwide toy standards.

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