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Splodge Teddy Parties

Run your own bear party at home. We sell everything you need to run a successful 'Stuff Your Own Bear' parties at home.

Splodge Teddy Parties is a family business owned and have been selling bears since 2010 and before then we were running our own bear parties.  So if you need any help then please get in touch.

How can we help you run your own successful bear party? 

About our bears

All our bear kits are no-sew and come with a special pouch for stuffing.

Which bear size should I choose? 

We have two different sizes of bear - all no-sew kits. 8" and 16" bears. The bear measurements are from head to heel of the bears. 8" are better suited to younger children as they are easier to stuff and take less time. The 16" bears are the same size as ones which you can buy from a well-known shop in shopping centres around the country and their clothes are compatible with ours. We have lots of clothes to go with each size bear.

If you order too many bears for your party we offer a return service 30 day return service.  But please note that the buyer must pay for the return postage.

How do I buy the bears?

Click on the categories on our website.  You can buy by Theme or by size of bear.

IIf you are having trouble ordering on-line then we are able to take your order over the phone.  Please see 'Contact Us' for phone opening times.

How long should I order before my party? 

Order as long as possible before your party is the best advice. If you are unsure of numbers we do offer a refund for unused bears if you find you have ordered too many bears for your party.  Our standard delivery will be with you up to 5 working days after ordering. If you have left it to the last minute then we offer a next working day service if you order before 1pm the day before. 

Make sure you get it delivered to an address you will be in though! 

Please click here to view all delivery information.

How to Stuff you Bear 

Get children to open up their bags and their stuffing but do not start yet! Make sure all the stuffing pouch is pulled out at the back of the bears are open and that the stuffing pouch has been pulled outside of the bear. Explain to the children that they must not close up the bear until the end. 

Start stuffing the bear by taking a handful of stuffing then fluff it by pulling it apart with your hands. Stuff the legs first. Children may need help pushing the stuffing down to the end.

Then stuff the arms, head (if not already stuffed) and finally the body. The hardest parts are the arms and legs and children may need help with these. 

Ask children not to do up the bear yet but wait till everyone has finished. Get the children to take their wishing heart, close their eyes and make a wish then place the star inside their bear. 

They may now do up the catch put the bear and push in the stuffing pocket and seal up the Velcro on the back. 

Don't forget to remove the tabs on the velcro before sealing your bear! 

Your bear is complete and now you can fill out the birth certificates and colour in the bag.

Teddy Bear Party Extras 

You can add extra activities to your party to give children even more fun activities to do and the party will last even longer. You can choose one of the following or all of the following: t-shirt decorating, teddy games, teddy jewellery making and teddy outfits. T-shirt Decorating This activity is extremely popular with children as they love designing and decorating a t-shirt for their new bear. We have t-shirts in pink and white for children to decorate and fabric pens to write on the t-shirt with.


Children love Pass The Parcel. Why not buy a bear outfit from our shop as the prize in the middle of the parcel. 

Bear Jewellery 

A box of beads makes a fun activity for children. They can have a lot of fun making necklaces, bracelets, ear rings for their bears.

Sound Boxes and Scent Chips

Why not bring your bear to life by inserting a sound box into your bear. 

For the little 8" bears these are put into the bear's tummy. Put round plenty of stuffing to stop it feeling hard. 

For a larger bear - put the sound box into one or your bear's paws. We have song soundboxes which play a tune when pressed. We have noises such as snoring or kissing. 

Or you can give your bear a personal message with one of our recordable voice boxes. 

Why not give your bears a lovely aroma with one of our scent chips.

Plenty to choose from.

Click here to view our range of sound boxes
Click here to view our range of scents