Run your own bear party at home with social distancing.

The only think more fun than stuffing your own bear is stuffing your own bear with your friends.  It is a really big treat for your child to see his/her friends on their birthday.  

If you have never done it before then have a practise with the other mums and dads before the big event.

What you need to run your own party:

An app which provide videotelephony and online chat services.  A very popular one at the moment is Zoom (it is free for 40 minutes) or there are others such as Whatsapp, Facetime, Google Duo, Skype and more.  If you are not sure then try out several before you make up your mind.

You need email addresses of all those that you want to invite - make sure you let them know the time of your party and send email them the link for your party.

The bear kits - order your bear kits well in advance of your party date and make sure you leave plenty of time for delivery.  We do offer Next Day or Express services if your party is a last minute decision.  If all your participants are local then you can place one order.  However if you some of your party members live further away then you need to place a separate order for them with their delivery address.  If you are making more than one order for your party guests and are ordering 5 or more bears in total then please let us know so we can give you a 5% off voucher for your bears.  Unfortunately you will have to pay separate postage charges for different delivery addresses.

What size bears?

We would recommend the smaller 8 inch bears for younger children and for children who don't have very good attention spans.   For older children who will chat with their friends whilst doing it the 16 inch bears would be better.

Individual bear stuffing instructions are on the back of the birth certificates. 

How to stuff the bears

Preparing the filling

Children can either sit at the table or on the floor - depending on how the set up works.  Get children to open up their bags and tip out the stuffing.  They can fluff up the stuffing by pulling it apart.   Making the pile grow and removing any lumps.  See which child can make the biggest, fluffiest cloud! 

Stuffing the bear

Arms and legs need to be stuffed first.  A parent may need to help push the stuffing right the way down into the arms and legs on younger children.  Now kids can stuff head and body.

Making a wish

Do this bit altogether.  Get children to take their hearts, close their eyes and make a wish then place the heart inside their bear. 

Bears can be done up. Do up the plastic fastening and cut excess plastic off with scissors. Push in the stuffing pocket and seal up the Velcro (removing the Velcro cover first)  on Teddy’s back. 

Your bear is complete and now you can fill out the birth certificates and colour in your Splodge Bear bag but you may like to do this after the zoom call has finished.

Get the children to say the name of their new bear.

It would be a good idea to play a game now with their new teddy bear.

We would recommend playing some  music so all the kids can dance with their new bears.

Finish the party by singing 'Happy Birthday' altogether to the birthday boy/girl.